History of Test Center "Standard-Service"

In 1990 on the basis of Ivano-Frankivsk concern "Rodon" there was found test laboratory of consumer goods. The purpose of laboratory foundation was to carry out tests of consumer goods to ensure producing of competitive wares and possibility to expand the market abroad. That was the first laboratory of Ivano-Frankivsk region enterprises, which was accredited on technical competence by Derzhstandard of Ukraine (State Committee on Standardization) in UkrSEPRO certification system.
On laboratory's collective responsibility in the year of 1995 there was established scientific productive collective enterprise (SPCE) "Standard-Service", which became the base for test center and gave Test Center the possibility to be independent upon developers, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of products, according to requirements of DSTU 3412 "UkrSEPRO certification system. Requirements for test laboratories", what means to be engaged in production certification.
Being a part of SPCE test centre was accredited in 1996 on technical competence and independence in UkrSEPRO certification system and successfully approved this in 1999, 2002 during examination by Derzhstandard and in 2005, 2008 during accreditation by the National agency on accreditation of Ukraine (NAAU) on accordance of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006.
At the end of 2011 "Standard-Service" conducted more than 2100 tests of products. Tests of communication equipment were performed for leading domestic manufacturers as well as for foreign manufacturers from USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, China and other countries.

Our Clients:

- "Cisco Systems, Inc.", USA

- "HUAWEI Technologies CO О., ltd ", China

- "IBM", USA

- "AirTies Kablosuz Iletisim Sanayi ve Dis. Tic.A.S.", Turkey

- "Tellabs Oy", Finland

- "SIEMENS", Germany


- "Juniper Networks, Inc", USA

- "Nortel Networks Ltd", Ireland

- "PARADYNE Corporation", USA

- "Lucent Technologies", USA

- "IDC", USA

- "ALCATEL Business Systems", France

- "Schlumberger", France

- "ZyXEL Communications Corporation", Taiwan

- "Gemalto", France

- "DGT Sp.z.o.o.", Poland

- "TESLA", Slovakia