Test Center "Standard-Service":


The principal sphere of activity - certification, qualification, acceptance, periodical, type, reliability and other tests of telecommunication equipment, computer devices, electrical household and office appliances, domestic radio electronic equipment and similar facilities


Test Center "Standard-Service" accredited by NAAU in accordance with DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 (accreditation certificate No. 2H317).

Our organization is independent of manufacturers (suppliers) and consumers (buyers) of products, that is it acts as "third party".


Certification of telecommunication equipment differs from obligatory certification in UkrCEPRO system in additional requirements (differs in scope of tests, number of samples selected, additional signatures and other), stated by the Law of Ukraine "On telecommunications" and the standard DSTU-P 4332:2004 "Procedure of certification of telecommunication equipment in the UkrCEPRO certification system".

Thus, Certificate of conformity has additional signature of Derzhkomzvjazok (State Committee on Communication) representative, which enables the Applicant to use certificated products in Telecommunication networks of Ukraine. Acquaintance with abovementioned documents let you orient well in requirements concerning certification of telecommunication equipment and make on-the-fly decision in the sphere of certification.



Quality Policy of Test Center "Standard-Service" 

Scope of Accreditation of Test Center "Standard-Service"

Protocol of intensions